SERP: It’s All in the Pages

There are many pages that make up the world wide web. If you are a marketer, however, none of those pages are important, except for one. The search engine results pages, commonly called SERPs, are those pages that digital marketers use to their advantage to get the results they want. Using SERP can certainly put you on the forefront of great things to come.


Search Engine Page Results are a key metric used by SEO specialists that help companies stand out from the competition. These pages can help marketers identify the areas improvement is needed, learn current SEO standings, and so much more. In other words, SERP is extremely valuable to marketers.

Tools That You Can Use

One tool that many marketers use to help them excel is SERPStream. The SERPStream tool is easy to use, free, and helps you learn exactly where you are at within a search engine ranking. The tool is one of many that marketers use, but one of the most important. Using this tool saves time, effort, and helps you get where you need to be.

A page one ranking is desired by every marketer out there including those whom you are competing with. Most people who use a search engine look at the results on the first page only. Sometimes, a look at the second page occurs, but this is not often. If you want to get noticed by a many people as possible, it is imperative that you rank as high in the search engines as you possibly can.

To get the page one ranking that you want for your site, it is imperative that you go the extra mile to stand out from those around you. Other people are doing the same things as you and want to get ahead. You need to shine above the competition in every way that you possibly can. Keeping track of your SERP ranking helps you learn if your SEO techniques are working and where to improve so that you get the page one ranking that you want.

Unique Information

SERPs are all unique, even when queries are performed with the same keywords and information. Search engines provide users a customized experience by giving results that pertain to far more than the words they’ve entered into the search engine. Location, social settings, shopping history, and many other factors also make their impact.  There are organic and paid SERP results. You want to be a part of the paid results when first starting out, but organic searches are where it most counts.

SERPs help you identify the best keywords to use, let you know where you rank with your current SEO efforts, and more. Any marketer that is looking to get awesome results knows that SERPs provide such great information that makes that possible.  It is easy to say that SERPs make it easy to get your marketing scheme fulfilled without wasting time, money, or energy. You should focus on SERPs and their importance to you if you want to get ahead in today’s technology savvy world.