Top Three Furnace Filters

It is important to change the filters on your furnace every 30 days. Dirt, debris, and other particles can build on the filter during this period of time and the results can affect you greatly, causing difficulty breathing, increased energy costs, and decreased life efficiency of the furnace. You can avoid all these headaches by changing the filters regularly.

Why Change Filters?

Changing the filter on your furnace is one of the best ways of keeping harmful particles out of your home. If you or someone in your home has asthma or allergies, this is especially important, although everyone in the home can breathe better. So, keeping harmful particles out is helpful for everyone and a big reason to keep replacements regular. You will reduce the amount of energy that you use, which reduces the costs of your energy bills, and prolong the life expectancy of your furnace. Getting the most out of your money has never been so easy.

Best Filters on the Market

keeping harmful particles out

There’s a ton of furnace filters sold today and while it might seem they’re all one and the same, they’re all created much differently from the next. It is imperative that you select a great product that exceeds expectations to reap the biggest and best benefits of replacements. But, how can you find the best when there’s so many out there to pick from? The experts have spoken and the three products below are deemed the best that your money can buy.

1- Filtrete Clean Living Basic Dust Filter

Filtrete Clean Living is a totally amazing product that is affordably priced and trusted by many people. It is a simple filter, yet one that exceeds expectations of homeowners who demand clean, cool air. This product is 5-star rated so you can understand that it is something that people love. So will you.

2- Honeywell FC100A1037 Ultra Efficiency Cleaning Filter

Honeywell is one of the most trusted names in air quality and cleaning equipment. They are also a top provider of HVAC filters. You can trust this product to exceed expectations all around the board. There’s a reason the Honeywell name has earned the reputation that it has. If you’re not familiar, it’s time to make the introduction.

3- Flanders Flat Panel EZ Flow

The Flanders flat panel EZ flow filter is the third recommended product for homeowners who want top air quality, longevity, and ease of use. It is an affordable product and is sold in packs of 12 so you have an entire year’s supply on hand for quick and easy replacement.

Now that you have the inside information concerning the best air filters for your HVAC unit, replacing it is so much easier! You’re left with nothing more than the choice of which of the top products you most want to buy! The benefits of replacement are grand, so make sure you choose the best filter and keep your unit at its best all year long. It’s too easy to skip!